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Naughty Halloween

Halloween is almost here and I already have my outfit picked out! My Daddy helped me decide what to be. We are going to have a little private party at our place, so I can dress however I want. So of course I chose to do something naughty. I want everyone who sees me to want me. That happens already, but I will make it happen even more now. My big boobs are out there and so tempting for anyone to suck. I hope by the end of the night we end up having a big orgy and I am the center of attention.

Peaking Cock

You know I love to catch your attention, Daddy.  I loved finding you at the sink today, while you were shaving. Did you see your little girl crawl in on her knees to lick the tip of your cock?
I know you told me to wait in the bed for you to tuck me in, but honestly I was feeling all playful and wanted to see what you were up to! I was very excited to see your cock peaking out and just couldn’t help but get a taste of it, while I was there.

I felt you pulse and throb in my sweet mouth, Daddy.  I don’t think it bothered you a bit to have me help you get ready for bed, for a change. After I drain your balls, Daddy, I am always soaking wet, so it was really nice of you to carry me back to my little bed and take care of me too!

I was a bad girl

I was such a bad girl yesterday. I swear I nearly gave my neighbor a heart attack! I knew he had been watching me. I could see him peeping every single time I changed my clothes, so I decided to give him a show he would never forget. I opened the curtains wide and put a chair in front of the window then I slowly stripped off all my clothes. I sat down in the chair and spread my legs and looked up directly into my neighbor’s eyes. He was shocked. His mouth dropped open and his face turned white. He thought I was going to scream I guess, but all I did was smile and keep on rubbing my pussy. He stared at me, like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing and took out his rock hard cock and started stroking it. We masturbated together, until we both came.  Boy, was it hot as fuck too! Poor old guy looked like he was all outta breathHe was red in the face and I could see his legs trembling, but he looked really really happyI’m pretty sure I made his day!

On My Knees for Daddie

Visions of being naked, curled up in your lap and suckling on your cock come to mind this morning, Daddie.  I love thinking about rubbing my, soft yet firm body up against you.  I can imagine your smell and the way you run your fingers through my hair lightly, as I tantalize your dick with my eager little mouth.

Believe me Daddie, your Zoe is so eager.  Eager to be on my knees in the perfect form of submission, exactly where I belong.  I need you to guide me and show me the way to perfect sexual enlightenment.  The way my little bald pussy dampens, as I write this, is testimony to the fact that I belong on my knees for any guy you choose for me.  I just want to hump the arm of my couch right now.  I am that turned on.  I want to grate my slit against anything that will grant my cunt relief!  I wish you were here to give me the permission to do it Daddie.  I’ll be anything you want, as you as you need!  My pussy is desperate to cum.
And it is a sweet struggle that is perfect for any girl at any age.  You are so right, Daddie, about that.  No matter what, Daddie knows best.  Even as I think of you and your further schooling of me in the ways of cock and cum, I need to feel your presence on top of me, weighing me down and bringing me to a disciplined position before you.  I love worshiping and I long to worship your cock, no matter whose cock I might have sucked earlier in the day or later or night.  It is your cock that makes it all possible. I need to finger myself this morning, but have been duly instructed to hold it in, but I intend to misbehave.  I want to feel my flow soak into the flesh of my penetrating digits, knowing what Daddie would do to me if he caught me breaking the rules. I thought about this, as I was being fucked hard last night.  I just wanted you to know.

I can’t wait, until we talk again, and I can serve you, my Daddie, and hear you cum so hard!  I can imagine what your white mess would look like, taste like, feel like all over my body and in every one of my holes.  Maybe if I am extra good, you will run your tongue up the center of my pussy and let me cum so sweetly into that mouth.

Do You Have Enough Cock to Satisfy Me?

I’m so fucking horny and just one cock isn’t going to do. If you’re looking for barely legal phone sex with a hot horny slut, you’ve found her. And if you want innocent young girl fantasies you’ve come to the right place.

I discovered masturbation and playing with my little clit at a very young age. I couldn’t figure out why it felt so good, but I couldn’t keep my hands out of my panties. As I got older, I turned into quite the lusty Lolita. Men would seek me out because I was a young teen, and a nympho. And once I discovered cock there was no going back. 

The more men fucked me, the more cock I wanted until I was insatiable. I ended up fucking my boyfriend, his friend, the football team and most of my male teachers. Nevertheless, I passed many of my classes thanks to my willingness to please in exchange for cock. I’m always looking for a good time, and I’ll do anything to get off.

I’m Daddy’s nasty whore

I love being nasty for my Daddy, he tells me all the time that I’m the best at it! I will do anything he wants me to, no matter what it is because I love him that much. Plus it feels really really good too! I LOVE it when Daddy pees on me or poops all over me and rubs it in, it gets my pussy super wet just thinking about it. Daddy shares me with all his friends too, they make me their horny little toilet and then take turns fucking the shit outta me. I love being a nasty little cum guzzling scat whore for them and I make sure that when they are all finished fucking me I lick all their cocks nice and clean for them like a good girl. Daddy always give me a special present after too, he says I deserve a reward for always being so good for him, isn’t that sweet of him? That’s why I always try real hard to be good for Daddy, because he’s always super sweet to me.

Mommy’s Sex Toy

I was so horny today that I skipped school and was at home playing dress up with mommy’s lingerie. I was looking for something super slutty to wear for my phone sex call, when I found this really big dildo! My tight little teen pussy started dripping even more, the second I saw it. I just knew I had to feel it inside of me. So I stripped my clothes off and started sliding the dildo up and down my pussy lips, getting it all covered in my little teen juices, before I plunged it deep inside. It felt so good.  It’s a good thing I was all alone in the house or everyone would have heard what I was doing. I started pounding it in and out of my pussy, until my thighs were shaking and I came all over it, screaming because it felt so incredible. It was the hottest sex toy phone call ever. Now that I know where mommy stashes her dildo, I am definitely going to be playing with it more often.

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