Sissy Training With Bratty Princess Zoe

I just LOVE playing with my brand new sissy boy, she is just so excited about beginning her training.  I just love how enthusiastic she is about it because there’s no where I would waste my time with her if she didn’t give me 110%.      
The first thing we must work on is getting you to give up on that forced unnatural sounding voice you’ve been using your whole adult life. Practice on that soft sweet little voice I know you’ve been working on for years.

Next, we’re going to have to come up with a new name for you, something that fits you. I’m still deciding whether I want you as a sweet little tease that gets all those cocks throbbing with the toss of your hair or the batting of your eyes. Or, maybe you’re a slutty fuck toy who’s main purpose is to suck as much dick as you possibly can. 

Well, we can figure that out later, for now a whole new wardrobe in necessary. I will approve any and all purchases you make in all your clothing, there’s no way you’re going to embarrass me!  And by the way, I know you were planning on buying your princess some pretty outfits and anything else I have eye on now aren’t you?  You should keep in mind right now that first and foremost you’re main purpose is to surrender all control to me.

You will not make any decisions without my say so and I know you don’t want to displease me because you remember I promised to take you with me to a party with all my friends and you’re going to be the center of attention. Does that excite you?  God, how I love a virgin sissy, I’ll teach you how to touch yourself the right way, sensually and softly not roughly jerking off like men always do.

I would love to suck on that tasty little clit and spank your sweet ass, oohhh you love that don’t you. Get on your knees and stick out that ass so I can slowly lick around that tight ass hole, pushing my tongue deeper and deeper inside and massaging the walls of your ass. I start tongue fucking your ass faster and deeper until your sissy cock is dripping with pre cum and throbbing so hard. Beg me to let you cum my little pantie boy, mmm such a good little sissy. See. being an obedient sissy for Princess Peyton is going to be everything you dreamed about and more, lucky bitch……

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